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Nograles Breaks Record In Budget Okay

Nograles Breaks Record In Budget Okay
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House Appropriations Committee Chair and Davao City Congressman Karlo Alexei Nograles today said the House of Representatives has set the newest record for the fastest approval of the national budget following Wednesday night’s second reading approval of the P3.35 Trillion General Appropriations Act of 2017.

Nograles said that instead of the usual 10 days, the House plenary approved the country’s national expenditure program in just 8 days.

The entire process only took the appropriations panel a total of 33 working days, instead of the usual two to three months, from the time it started budget deliberations up to the time it was referred to the plenary for debates and eventual approval.

Nograles added that unlike in the past that budget hearings and plenary debates would last until wee hours, the maiden budget of the Duterte administration was approved by the House of Representatives with very little resistance.

“I am happy with the swift approval of the P3.35 Trillion General Appropriations Act of 2017. This is one big step towards the realization of President Duterte’s agenda for a true and meaningful change. This budget will fuel our quest for reforms that would uplift the lives of our people and fight the many evils plaguing our nation such as drugs, crime and corruption,” Nograles said.

Nograles said that with the approval of the GAA, he is optimistic that the national budget will be signed into law by President Duterte before New Year. He noted that being the maiden budget of the Duterte administration, the P3.35T GAA for 2017 will sow the seeds of reform as outlined by the president when he decided to accept the challenge to run for the presidency.

“This is the first General Appropriations Act of the new Duterte administration. The manner by which we meticulously worked on every item is indicative of the urgency for change that President Duterte himself has initiated on the first day of his term. This is a budget that is truly for the people, of the people, and by the people…a budget that underlines what inclusiveness means…a budget that would effectively address the areas that have not been given sufficient attention…a budget that encompasses the broad spectrum of a balanced horizon for development…a budget that will make the people feel confident that this administration truly cares for their welfare,” Nograles said as he thanked the House leadership and its members for showing their support for his committee and “for the guidance all of you gave through the long hours of discourse.”

“Today the budget we pass; tomorrow the nation it serves,” Nograles added in his Facebook post.

His brother Puwersa ng Bayaning Atleta Rep. Jericho Jonas Nograles on the other hand said that swift approval of the proposed national budget demonstrates the support of the House of Representatives in President Duterte’s agenda for change.

“We passed the budget in record time without railroading the process. The process was faster than usual because apart from the fact that the committee has adopted a seamless system of deliberation, Malacanang’s proposal is very reasonable and does not contain controversial provisions or allocations which would definitely spark long hours of debate,” Jericho said.

“This swift passage of the P3.35 Trillion General Appropriations Act of 2017 is an affirmation of our commitment in the House of Representatives to support the president’s agenda for change. With this budget, our government is better equipped in implementing its reform agenda and better armed in its war against drugs, crime and corruption. I’m truly proud that the House managed to transcend partisan politics and pass the budget sooner than usual,” Jericho added.

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